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Alkman Euclidean Sequencer Pro [Max for Live]

Alkman Euclidean Sequencer Pro [Max for Live] Download

  • Writer: Alkman
  • Product: Euclidean Sequencer Pro
  • Model: 1.2
  • Format: AMXD
  • Necessities: Max for Reside & Ableton Reside 10.1.2 or later

Compose with polyrhythms and polymeters quick and intuitively. Create evolving melodic or percussive mathematical rhythms. It’s a 4 voice sequencer which permits for loads of customisation. It comes bundled with a second MIDI gadget “euclidean out” which permits routing any of the 4 voices to any MIDI observe in Reside. “Euclidean sequencer professional” is the successor of the euclidean sequencer together with many new options(see key variations under).

Observe: This isn’t the most recent model, newest model is v2.1 however at the least that is an replace to the earlier shared v1.1.
If in case you have the most recent model, please share.
It will likely be appreciated by many Max for Reside followers right here.

Key options/variations from euclidean sequencer:
Swap simply between polymeters and polyrhythms by toggling the corresponding button.
Click on and drag on the principle UI panel to dial velocity worth for every particular person notice. Shift click-drag to regulate the speed of all of the notes in that voice.
Comes with ΓÇ£Euclidean OutΓÇ¥ which lets you route the MIDI output from every voice in any MIDI observe inside Reside(please notice that attributable to reside’s structure whenever you use this methodology there’s a small latency to the notes. That is relative to the audio buffer of Reside. E.g. 12ms @512 samples and 4ms @128 samples.).
Clock divider/multiplier for every voice. It may be both a standard a number of or a non-divisible worth.
Management any accesible parameter in reside by mapping it to any of the 4 sequencers.
Particular person notice period for every voice. Period is measured in step multiples or divisors.
Scale folding performance with root notice and scale choice for the sequencer mode.
Particular person swing for every voice.
Juno like arpeggiator for every voice.
Use midi clips or midi keyboards as notice enter for the arpeggiator.
Randomisation window for randomising all or sure parameters .
Management the grasp velocity in Observe values triplets or Hz.
Permit every occasion to behave as a grasp or slave gadget and obtain/ship ΓÇ£RE-Sync eventsΓÇ¥ ΓÇ£preset worth changesΓÇ¥ or Clock parameters.
Management when the Re-sync, preset change and voice activation occasions happens. Set off them in keeping with liveΓÇÖs quantisation, each new bar or instantly.
Affirmation window for the delete preset button.
Hyperlink preset worth adjustments to scene worth.
All of the performance of the principle window now accessible within the floating window too.
Redesigned and optimised engine.
GUI parts optimised additionally for non-retina screens.
Change the color of every voice.
MIDI via toggle.
Push 2 integration.
You possibly can drag and drop a json preset file upon the gadget to load presets
When saving preset file the filename robotically appends the date and time.
Added extra preset slots.

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