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Blezzbeats Humbox [WiN-MAC]

Blezzbeats Humbox [WiN-MAC] Download

  • Writer: Blezzbeats
  • Product: Humbox
  • Model: 1.5.1

A TALKBOX VST – Add some talkbox fonk to your music with out an precise talkbox! Many plugins have tried to emulate the talkbox sound by processing audio in the same approach that vocoders do. However let’s be frank – it simply doesn’t sound correct. HumBox is a sample-based VST plugin designed to boost your productions with the genuine feeling innovated by Roger Troutman that has since unfold out by the west coast to the entire world.


HumBox doesn’t form your phrases however slightly hums alongside to your music with completely different articulations. You can also make it sing “nanana”-phrases like “Doo”, “Yeah”, “No”, and “Child” and add layers of whopping funkafying to your tracks.


​To present you some on the spot gratification there are additionally some built-in FX on the HumBox panel:

Reverb: Add some ambiance to your sound and create attention-grabbing atmospheres with the Freeze button.
​Tremolo: A BPM-timed tremolo to get a stuttering or flailing impact, nice for chords.
Refrain: Widen the sound immediately with the Refrain button.
Bitcrusher: Crunch it up on the flick of a swap and get that Robotic Rock vibe.

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HumBox was discovered within the attic of an outdated farmhouse within the deep woods of northern Sweden among the many rubble of untouched artifacts. There’s little or no documentation on the topic, however based on village locals, it was owned by a lady named Berit Flemmingson within the Nineteen Sixties. Berit was a really secluded individual that stored to herself more often than not and only a few knew a lot about her private life.

Legend has it that Berit constructed HumBox herself with the intention of speaking with aliens by music and that she was profitable at it too. Apparently, she had grown a considerable quantity of wealth inside a really quick period of time, which struck everybody as odd seeming that she was locked in her basement across the clock.

After selecting it aside to research its elements, engineers discovered nothing out of the odd. That led speculators to consider it possessed some form of magical energy, and a few believed she may need been speaking with a much more occult being.

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Whether or not it’s true or not, use it at your personal danger.

What’s a talkbox?​

You’ve heard it within the music of Zapp, Bon Jovi, Daft Punk, Bruno Mars, Kanye West, and numerous different artists. Perhaps you’ve questioned simply the place the heck that robotic sound is coming from?

A typical misunderstanding is {that a} Vocoder is liable for it. Vocoders are very cool too, however the sound is processed in a really completely different approach. It mixes the sign of your voice (modulator) with a synth (provider) and is harder to supply a transparent and articulated sound with.

So how does a talkbox work?

A talkbox feeds a synth sign (normally a sawtooth wave) by an amplifier and compresses the precise bodily sound by a tube, which is inserted within the participant’s mouth. The synth sound is definitely transferred into the mouth after which formed by the participant and recorded by a microphone.

That’s what we’ve achieved – for you.