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Fors Glänta [ALP-AMXD]

Fors Glänta [ALP-AMXD] Download

  • Writer: Fors & Staff ARCADiA
  • Product: Glänta
  • Format: ALP/AMXD
  • Necessities: Ableton Dwell 10.1+ Suite

Glänta is an FM synthesizer with a easy construction that places deal with the basics of FM synthesis with a rigorously crafted 2-operator core.

From years of experience and obsession with FM synthesis, Glänta extends established ideas with distinctive twists which can be highly effective but simple to make use of.

That includes:
FM Oscillators
Versatile ADSR
Common ADSR
with stereo part modulation,
pitch-relative unison,
dynamic bipolar suggestions,
and polyphonic word slide.
As much as 16 voices of polyphony.

Energy of two
Glänta places deal with the basics of FM synthesis with a 2-Operator construction that permits you to sculpt a myriad of sounds with ease, that is FM completed proper to its very core, with prolonged performance that expands the repertoire of 2-OP algorithms.

Every FM oscillator in Glänta has dynamic self-modulation, a sort of suggestions that’s bipolar and frequency-compensated. This enables even a single oscillator to realize saw- and square-like waveshapes which can be constant and alias-free throughout the entire pitch vary.

Envelopes made for FM
The modulator envelope in Glänta is made with FM in thoughts. By extending the usual ADSR envelope with adjustable start- and end-levels, the FM envelope is streamlined for getting the timbral modulation good. With a logarithmic assault and exponential decay, the modulation and dynamics sound pure and snappy.

Stereo Modulation & Unison
The stereo mode places the modulation itself in a phase-shifted stereo alignment which widens the sidebands, creating an FM-based stereo impact. On prime of this the pitch-relative unison mode provides two oscillators, one above and one beneath the basic for something from slight chorusing to harmonic layering.

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