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Isotonik Studios Grain Forest [Max for Live]

Isotonik Studios Grain Forest [Max for Live] Download

  • Writer: Isotonik Studios
  • Product: Grain Forest
  • Model: 1.0.0 by Dillon Bastan-ARCADiA
  • Format: AMDX

Grain Forest is a maxforlive granular synth and impact. The granular playback and FX are pushed by a simulation of a forest that evolves by means of DNA mixing and mutations over generations.

Every tree within the forest is an impartial grain or voice that has its personal DNA which modulates the grain’s playback and FX parameters relying on the way you arrange that tree species (as much as 4 species).

Pollen from timber can combine DNA with one other tree and create a brand new seed, optionally with mutations. The timber pattern audio and develop from the “soil” beneath them, every soil kind can have its personal distinctive audio combine coming from varied audio sources. This all provides as much as a actually evolving soundscape sampled from a number of audio sources! Grain Forest could be a granular delay, a texture, a glitchy/chaotic impact, a dynamic sampler, or no matter means you determine the way to use it.

The gadget, person handbook, 32 presets, 6 samples

An evolving forest simulation with varied parameters to manage it and for triggering granular playback
As much as 4 distinctive audio supply mixes (Soil) for the timber to pattern from. Every combine has impartial settings for:
3 audio supply choices that may be blended collectively: audio enter feeding straight into the gadget on the observe chain, audio routed from one other observe in ableton, and a dropped audio file that may be repitched
As much as 4 species of timber. Every tree species has impartial settings for:
The way it grows, survives, and reproduces
What sound supply (soil kind) it may possibly pattern (eat) in addition to an choice for solely consuming sure notes on a keyboard
Granular playback: path, grain dimension, pitch (with scale choices on genetic variances), fade window
FX: filter (biquad and ladder), delay, acquire, and pan
Genetic variance (modulation or CV quantity utilized to its DNA) for a lot of the parameters
2 LFOs with perlin noise choices
Grasp combine
Choice for customized tree high visible (by dropping picture information into the gadget)

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