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K-Devices WOV [WiN-OSX]

K-Devices WOV [WiN-OSX] Download

  • Writer: K-Devices
  • Provider: ohsie
  • Product: WOV
  • Model: 1.7.3 RETAiL

WOV is an impact for making a variety of textures out of your sounds – from acquainted tremolo waves to glitchy stutters and the whole lot in between. One of many first two plugins in K-Devices’ Phoenix results sequence, WOV takes exhibits simply how far conventional results may be pushed.


WOV consists of three foremost sections: Price Part, Waveform Part, Depth Part.

The Price Part

This part determines the speed or pace at which WOV operates. Price can both be assigned in Hz, or in fractions of a beat in sync with a internet hosting utility – to change between Hz and sync modes, use the switches on the backside heart of WOV.

It’s straightforward to arrange a static fee for WOV and depart issues at that – however WOV has rather more to supply! To the best of the Price management, the bipolar Response knob units the sensitivity with which WOV’s fee will both decelerate or pace up relying on the amount of the incoming sign. The bipolar Variation management additional introduces randomized quantities of variation to the speed – at its extremes going as far half the speed (knob to the far left) or twice the speed (knob to the far proper).

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Lastly, the eight-step Sequencer makes use of a multislider to set the relative accent worth for every beat of the speed. The slider adjusts between two and eight steps in size, and the R+1 button offsets the accents going to the best channel one step over from the left (be aware that this requires Stereo to be enabled).

The Waveform Part

The waveform of a tremolo impact is actually its repeating envelope. Traditional tremolo results provide inventory waves – WOV, being a K-Devices product, is rather more customizable!

The Wave knob morphs between a quasi-sine form (far left) and a barely rounded-off sq. form (far proper). Peak acts as a sort of assault management for the waveform – far left for a pointy assault, or far proper to succeed in the height extra progressively. Lastly, the Warp knob lets you both squeeze or develop the waveform, affecting the size of every sound. When the Wave management is ready to a full sq., Warp acts as an obligation cycle/pulsewidth management.

The Depth Part

Depth units the quantity of modulation over the dry sign – to the left and it’s extra delicate, all the way in which to the best and WOV will act as a repeating gate. Silence introduces extra randomness to the plugin, rising the chance that the amplitude shall be zero for some cycles.

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WOV can both protect the stereo placement of its enter sign, or it may add stereo offset to the output sign. Enabling the Stereo swap instantly impacts the Response, Silence, and Sequencer for a wider sound.


As a part of encouraging extra musical and artistic functions of WOV, along with utilizing symbols for controls, the controls in WOV wouldn’t have particular person readouts. We encourage you to let your ears decide the best knob positions every time you’ll be able to! In the event you’d like a exact readout, nevertheless, you’ll be able to see/edit it by clicking on any parameter and looking out within the upper-right nook of WOV.


By default, all labels are graphical – for textual content labels, click on the symbols/textual content label swap within the lower-right had nook (similar to you’d with some other Phoenix Sequence plugin from K-Devices).