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Louder Than Liftoff SILVER BULLET mk2 [WiN]

Louder Than Liftoff SILVER BULLET mk2 [WiN] Download

  • Writer: Louder Than Liftoff
  • Provider: Group R2R
  • Product: SILVER BULLET mk2
  • Model: 1.0.5 Incl Patched and Keygen

Cascading MOJO
Apply a novel mixture of in-the-box results to form your tracks, busses, and stereo mixdowns. Open up your mixes to a brand new stage of character, usually solely present in studios with huge analog recording consoles and mountains of outboard gear. Course of your 2-bus, teams, or tracks by means of cascading mixtures of three digital MOJO Amps, meticulously modeled from the circuits of the orginal SILVER BULLET mk2 {hardware}:
A: American console
N: British console
C: Customized MOJO / Color Modules

Tone shaping
SILVER BULLET mk2’s 3-band Baxandall EQ has a Pultec-inspired low finish and a easy and costly sounding high finish that stands in a category with essentially the most famend mastering EQs, that includes the beloved AIR circuit from the unique {hardware} with its personal devoted management.



The tough with the sleek
Tighten up the acute backside finish with the TIGHT filter. The marginally resonant and tape-like 25 Hz setting excels on mixes, whereas the 50 Hz filter is optimized for monitoring particular person devices. Easy out digital high finish with the silky VINTAGE mode impressed by legendary 1970’s British consoles.

Stereo picture enhancement
ASPECT RATIO musically enhances the stereo width, peak, and readability of your combine. This isn’t a type of low cost sounding, phasey widening results that leaves you questioning if you’re messing up your soundstage or steadiness.
ASPECT RATIO delivers masterful outcomes on the contact of a single button. No fussy tweaking or second guessing required. LTL took the time to excellent this circuit, so you will get on with perfecting your combine.



5 customized Color modules
Identical to the {hardware}, this plugin has an enlargement slot for tonal exploration: Color is a modular platform for creating customized analog sign chains. Select from 5 totally different digital Color modules together with the Hitmaker 4000 modules from the unique {hardware} plus NEW MOJO Modules from LTL’s buddies Unfiltered Audio – unique to the plugin model. Anticipate further modules sooner or later.

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-Hitmaker 4000: 1980’s VCA console saturation–normal situation within the {hardware}
-Bitmaker 1200: 12-bit, pattern price decreased model of Hitmaker 4000 with brick wall enter filtering and aliasing artifacts impressed by a legendary late-80’s sampling drum machine.
-Vinyl Saturation: produces heat vinyl saturation primarily based on the Unfiltered Audio plugin Needlepoint.
-Helical Scan: options VHS tape impressed warble algorithms primarily based on the Unfiltered Audio plugin LO-FI-AF.
-VHS AF: a serial mixture of the Vinyl Saturation and Helical Scan warble algorithms that enhance saturation depth as C-DRV is turned up and enhance warble depth as C-MIX is turned up.



What’s analog?
Louder Than Liftoff’s mission is to embody the true essence of analog. This implies together with all of the variations, idiosyncrasies, imperfections, and even the occasional pleasant shock we love in actual {hardware}. LTL meticulously modeled each analog circuit all the way down to the element stage with their new patent-pending know-how: Dyna Realism™.

To discover what it means to be analog, Louder Than Liftoff created Dyna Realism™, this exceptional patent-pending analog realism generator harnesses LTL’s progressive Digital Elements Bin and Serial Quantity methods, meticulously developing distinctive static and dynamic fashions of analog circuits throughout a broad spectrum of variation and realism.

That analog sound with DYNA REALISM™
Via a easy knob adjustment, every setting unveils extra intense variations inside and between channels. This new know-how breathes life into static emulations, surpassing their inherent limitations to ship hyper-real dynamic emulations the place the circuits really feel alive.

Customized serials that ship analog uniqueness
Once you instantiate SILVER BULLET mk2, you obtain a novel “built-to-order” model of the digitally modeled analog circuit, related to your license. The six-digit serial quantity on the rear panel is not only for graphical authenticity: it’s an integral a part of the plugin’s Dyna Realism™ modes. Identical to an actual {hardware} unit, every license of the SILVER BULLET mk2 is given a novel serial quantity that’s distinct in delicate, fully analog methods. Enter any string of numbers to customise your construct.

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Push past the {hardware} with circuit bending
SILVER BULLET mk2 affords two distinctive circuit bending choices: BEND 1 and BEND 2. Every possibility shorts out the facility rails at totally different factors of the sign chain, to create distorted and damaged textures. The A, N, and C MOJO amp every exhibit distinctive behaviors primarily based on the CIRCUIT BEND setting that you just’ve chosen. This Circuit bending function is a enjoyable manner of coaxing unintended but inspiring sounds out of your gear, just about hacking the digital circuits with out the danger of blowing up the {hardware} unit.


  • Element stage DSP mannequin of all Silver Bullet mk2 analog circuits
  • Cascading ‘A’ and ‘N’ MOJO Amps impressed by basic American and British consoles from the 70’s
  • MOJO C enlargement slot with digital Color modules together with Hitmaker 4000 and unique modules from Unfiltered Audio
  • PRE EQ and POST TIGHT workflow modes to insert sign into the Silver Bullet mk2 sign path
  • Signature 20-segment stereo excessive decision output meter with RMS and peak indication
  • MOJO LEDs present visible suggestions of sign stage depth
  • Tone shaping EQ suite designed particularly for combine sweetening and broad stroke tone sculpting of particular person tracks
  • Tight: 12 db/oct excessive go filter with two frequency choices for mixing and monitoring
  • Baxandall Tone EQ with AIR, +/-9 dB enhance/minimize
  • Classic: softens excessive frequency response to emulate classic British consoles
  • ASPECT RATIO stereo imaging circuit to reinforce width, peak, and readability of combine
  • Patent-pending DYNA REALISM™ generates a spectrum of analog realism by way of static and dynamic variations all through the digital mannequin
  • Distinctive Serial Quantity creates a definite digital mannequin for every person
  • CIRCUIT BEND modes for “mis-wired” damaged and distorted textures
  • HEARDROOM management to regulate inside working ranges
  • OUTPUT TRIM management with +/-10 dB of analog modeled acquire
  • Artist presets from William Pearson (drBill), Deegan Mack Adams, Benny Grotto (Mad Oak Studios), Dereck Blackburn (Quiethouse), Darren Rahn