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Mercurial Tones Analog Wavetables [WAV]

Mercurial Tones Analog Wavetables [WAV] Download

  • Writer: Mercurial Tones
  • Product: Analog Wavetables
  • Format: WAV

We’re excited to announce the primary version of the Mercurial Tones – Analog Wavetables Pack.
Mercurial Tones – Analog Wavetables is a number of analog wavetables recorded utilizing widespread analogue synthesizer classics. The wavetables are recorded each alone and with some modulation to allow to assemble wavetable pack that emulates and acts in the very same means the analog oscillators would.

Analog wavetables are sampled from Moog Sub 37, Professional 1, Arturia Brute, Roland Tb 303, Behringer CAT, Roland Juno 106 and Yamaha DX7 to seize the gorgeous harmonics and high-quality particulars of analog classics.

69 Royalty FREE wavetables together with
8 Wavetables from 303
10 Wavetables from Brute
9 Wavetables from CAT
5 Wavetables from DX7
4 Wavetables from Juno
8 Wavetables from Pro1
25 Wavetables from Sub37

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