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ML Sound Lab Amped Super Duper [WiN]

ML Sound Lab Amped Super Duper [WiN] Download

  • Writer: ML Sound Lab
  • Provider: MOCHA
  • Product: Amped Super Duper
  • Model: 1.3.0
  • Format: VST3/SAL

ML Sound Lab “Amped Super Duper” emulated British handcrafted 50 watt guitar amp with ECC83 preamp tubes and EL34 energy amp tubes.


At launch Amped Super Duper has a Noise Gate, Drive, Delay and Reverb. Amped plugins have a shared pedalboard which signifies that the quantity of pedals will proceed to develop.


Amped amp sims include meticulously hand picked default cabs however in addition they characteristic the likelihood to load your favourite IR’s straight into the plugin or bypass the cab so you should utilize exterior cupboard simulation like our MIKKO plugins.

From _mocha.txt
If that is your first set up, you will note dialog window like: "Thanks so much! PATCHED BY MOCHA bla bla bla..".
Its just for putting in key, for the subsequent launch it's going to disappear.

And we dont like bundle for this launch.

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