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Mod Sound Tubular [WiN]

Mod Sound Tubular [WiN] Download

  • Writer: Mod Sound
  • Product: Tubular
  • Model: 1.0.1-SEnki

Subsequent-gen amp simulator
Tubular is a step ahead in guitar amp simulation expertise. Wave digital filters allow us to simulate full amplifier schematics explicitly. Physics-based tube equations are solved each pattern.

Tubular consists of 20 amps, 10 cupboards, 10 audio system, 11 pedals, a noise gate, and stereo modulation, delay, and reverb rack results.

• 20 amp fashions derived mechanically from full circuit schematics. Clear to metallic, classic to fashionable, manufacturing to boutique. All channels, switches, and knobs are modeled.
• Hybrid impulse- and physics-based speaker cupboard simulation with 10 cupboards, 10 audio system, and a pair of microphones, all interchangeable. Frequency response graph updates in realtime.
• Drive pedals, modulation results, stereo delay and reverb from Velvetverb.

Amp circuit simulation
Tubular makes use of wave digital filters to simulate 20 amplifiers straight from their circuit schematics. This technique captures {the electrical} phenomena that make amps sound and really feel the way in which they do – tube mushy clipping, bias shifts, energy provide sag and all.

The amp fashions in Tubular have been chosen to span many architectures – clear amps; blues and rock amps with power-section overdrive; heavier amps with preamp distortion and even diode clipping. Every amp has all of the channels, switches, and knobs of its real-life counterpart. Some amps characteristic additional channels or switches that implement fashionable circuit mods.

Speaker cupboard and room modeling
The speaker cupboard part in Tubular relies on a novel hybrid of impulse responses and bodily simulation. Audio system, cupboard enclosures, and microphones are modeled as unbiased impulses, permitting the person to decide on any mixture of those parts. Variable distances and reflections add much more flexibility.

Tubular additionally features a graphic EQ built-in into the cupboard interface. Two cabinets, two peak sections, and an general lowpass and highpass enable the person to make their very own particular changes.

Tubular’s pedalboard features a battery of drive, filter, and time-based results that will help you form the sound going into the amp.

The Clear Enhance and the 4 included distortion pedals can add drive and taste to an in any other case clear tone, or tighten up an already-distorted amplifier. These pedals are modeled as digital circuits, utilizing the identical simulator that runs the amplifiers.

Past distortion, Tubular consists of an ordinary set of helpful and enjoyable pedals – a traditional wah, a pair of compressors, phaser, flanger, and delay.

Stereo rack results
Modulation multi-effect with Doubler, Refrain, and Harmonic Tremolo results.
Echo419: Stereo delay with pitch shifting, ping-pong, reverse delay, and varied filter results.
Velvetverb: Algorithmic reverb with clean modulation, ducking, and vast stereo imaging. Taken straight from the standalone plugin.

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