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Reason RE Republik Handheld Percussion [WiN]

Reason RE Republik Handheld Percussion [WiN] Download

  • Writer: Reason Studios & Jiggery-Pokery Sound
  • Product: Republik Handheld Percussion
  • Model: 1.0.1-DECiBEL
  • Format: Reason Rack Extension
  • Necessities: You want R2R Reason launch and TEAM R2R Reason Rack Extension Cache Builder

Extra Cowbell. Extra Kazoo. Extra Pineapple!
Republik Handheld Percussion provides over 60 detailed new Latin, African, and People percussion devices to your Reason rack, 1000’s of samples, protecting a wide range of small shakers and hand drums. Additionally included are two lovely Kalimba thumb pianos, a loopy Kazoo, an “genuine musical” washboard, a kitchen, and musical energy instruments. This product additionally features a complimentary sampled mug of refreshingly scorching tea.

62 distinctive devices that includes a wide range of conventional efficiency hit varieties and most utilising six “round-robin” samples for every sort of hit, the place upon taking part in successful one among six samples is randomly chosen. This offers expressive and sensible pattern playback, with a delicate and ever-changing tone, reasonably than merely repeating the identical pattern again and again.

All percussion devices will also be performed as pitched devices by selecting one among ten accessible keyboard mapped samples, which is especially helpful for layering with synthesizer devices. For multi-bell percussion devices, just like the Agogos, which options a couple of pitch, every pitch is independently tunable.

Republik Handheld Percussion Options

Practically 3,500 new mono-compatible stereo samples
Traditional Latin, African and People small handheld percussion and tunable devices, plus some family percussion, together with saucepan drums and powertools!
62 distinctive devices plus an additional 4 style “better of” alternatives made up of ten of the opposite single devices
Most devices characteristic 6 spherical robin samples for every of a number of sorts of hit for sensible behaviour; almost 3,500 hand-edited samples!
Agogo Steel, Agogo Wooden, Baoding Balls, Bodhran, Bottles Plastic, Bottles Glass, Cabasa, Castanets, Caxixi Double, Caxixi Massive, Caxixi Med, Caxixi Small, Claves, Cowbells, Cutlery Drawer, Drill, Egg Shakers, Finger Jingle, Flexatone, Foot Jingle, Ganza, Guiro Steel, Guiro Wooden, Hip Flasks, Jam Blocks, Jars, Jaw Harp, Jigsaw, Kalimba Alto, Kalimba Toy, Kazoo, Keyboard Stand, Maracas, Matchbox, Fashionable Studio Shaker, Monkey Drum, Mug o’ Tea, Ndilli Ndilli, Nut Shell Shaker, Pandeiro, Pineapple Shaker, Rainsticks, Reco Reco, Rocar, Samba Whistle, Sander, Saucepan Drums, Shekere, Shoe Faucet, Slapstick, Sleigh Bells, Spoons, Staple Gun, Tamborim, Tambourine Plastic, Tambourine Wooden, Thunder Drums, Triangle, Vibraslap, an “Genuine Musical Washboard” (aka, a Washboard), Windchimes, Wooden Stirring Drum, and 4 compilations that includes Latin Combine, African Combine, People Combine, Family Combine
11 excellent areas: 10 Nanoverb and the F/AR spring
3 strategies of instrument choice (drag up/down on image, up/down selector buttons (with wraparound), and direct choice through pop-up field on entrance folded panel)
Separate tuning for particular person bells of the multi-bell devices (3- and 2-pitch Agogos, 2-pitch Jam Blocks and so on)
All devices may be switched to Solo Pattern mode, the place a selection of ten single samples is keyboard tracked throughout the keyboard. Play the Agogo as if it had been a piano! Cut back or cancel keyboard monitoring fully. Moreover, a number of devices characteristic layered solo samples or reversed samples in a few of the Solo Pattern slots
Visible indicators of the place samples are positioned on the keyboard
A selection of low-pass, band-pass or high-pass filters with selectable audio envelope follower, plus a devoted envelope for amp, filter frequency, LFO depth and LFO price
Two extra stereo sends supply a pair of dry audio outputs

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