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Skillshare – Xfer Serum – Crash Course In Bass Design

Skillshare – Xfer Serum – Crash Course In Bass Design Download

Utilizing the serum synth for sound design for edm would possibly sound like a tough course of. However with an understanding of the important thing sound design parts for EDM bass I’ll present you. It turns into way more predictable and easy.
Making an excellent monitor sound nice, Typically simply takes 1 signature sound. I wager you possibly can consider a monitor the place 1 sound made the entire thing nice.
What we’re going to do collectively on this course is take your from type of understanding what every device does in Xfer Serum. To being a grasp of bass design.
By the tip of this course it is possible for you to to grasp totally what every device does in Xfer Serum. And when and why to make use of every device.
It is possible for you to to take your personal music to a degree the place its prepared, And even lease out your new talent set for consumer work as nicely.
In Xfer Serum Bass Sound Design Crash Course we cowl
•What the GUI does
•The entire instruments inside Xfer Serum
•Easy methods to use instruments and strategies to make sure sounds
•Easy methods to make totally different bass sounds step-by-step
•Easy methods to use modulation in Serum to carry sounds to life
•And extra
In case you’re new to utilizing Serum or been right here earlier than, There’s one thing right here for you as we cowl new floor with the most recent options obtainable to Xfer Serum, Making use of the most recent and most fashionable bass making strategies.

Content material
1. Introduction to Serum Bass Design Crash Course (0:54)
2. Serums GUI (5:27)
3. Getting Across the OSC’s (9:10)
4. OSC Warp Modes (7:12)
5. Sub & Noise OSC (3:31)
6. The Filter (4:24)
7. ADHSR (3:37)
8. The LFO Instruments (5:26)
9. Macro Management (2:01)
10. Dimension Expander (2:49)
11. Distortions (2:21)
12. Flange and Section (3:00)
13. Refrain (1:53)
14. Delay (2:29)
15. Compressor & EQ (1:41)
16. Reverb (4:20)
17. Mod Matrix (3:31)
18. Serum Filter Aptitude (6:14)
19. Customized Wavetables Pt1 (6:00)
21. Easy Reese (5:26)
22. Low Finish Noticed (6:28)
23. DnB Curler 1 (10:00)
24. DnB Curler 2 (4:17)
25. Fizzy Wub Bass (3:23)
26. World Dubstep Bass 6:28)
27. Pitch Altering Bass 6:09)
28. X Y Axis Motion 4:37)
29. True Mono Unisons 2:38)
30. 28 Wobble Fundamentals 13:54)
31. Soiled Sub Bass 5:40)
32. Thumping 808 Bass 7:05)
•Bass Midi
•Bass Samples
•Crash Course Bass Patch Bundle

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