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Wave Arts Panorama 7 [WiN]

Wave Arts Panorama 7 [WiN] Download

  • Writer: Wave Arts
  • Provider: TCD
  • Product: Panorama 7
  • Model: 7.05

The definitive 3D spatializer
Panorama is a digital acoustics processor that may produce stunningly lifelike auditory scenes for playback over headphones or loudspeakers. Panorama makes use of 3-D audio and acoustic setting modeling expertise to simulate the acoustics of sound propagation in actual areas.

Panorama has many doable makes use of, together with:
3D audio manufacturing. Insert Panorama on every monitor in a mixture, and use Panorama to pan the person sounds round within the digital house. This works greatest for headphone mixes (consider the chances for podcasting), however the identical idea can be utilized for loudspeaker playback. You should utilize the sequencer to arrange movement trajectories for the sources, or just automate them.

Stereo panning results. In standard stereo mixes, generally you might have a sound you wish to deal with specifically. By making use of 3D processing, Panorama can be utilized to create a panning impact that stands out from standard energy panning.

Stereo “auto-pan” results. Panorama can work as a standard stereo panner, and it has a strong sequencer to automate pan positions. Therefore you’ll be able to create all kinds of modulating pan results.

Stereo widening. Panorama can course of stereo mixes to sound very large when performed again over loudspeakers.

Digital monitoring. Panorama can be utilized to simulate stereo and encompass playback for headphone playback.

A few of what’s new in Panorama 7:

  • The large new characteristic is the place sequencer, which can be utilized for trajectory automation and beat-synced musical results (auto-pan). The sequencer works by panning the sound alongside a set of trajectory waypoints.
  • All new UI look with darkish theme.
  • Bigger UI space for panning, now together with aspect and rear view choices.
  • Bigger digital space for panning. Beforehand Panorama 6 allowed from -10 to +10 toes, Panorama 7 permits from -100 to +100 toes.
  • Zoom in/out management.
  • Assist for SOFA format HRIRs. SOFA (Spatially Oriented Format for Acoustics) is a normal file format used for interchange of head-related impulse responses. Assist for SOFA information is supplied through a conversion software known as Sofa2Pan that converts from SOFA format to Panorama format.
  • Improved assist for third-party HRIRs: HRIRs are specified by filename and are pattern price transformed to the session price when loaded.
  • Carried out “Close to Head Mannequin”. This improves copy accuracy for positions shut to go by making use of extra head shadowing primarily based on a spherical head mannequin.
  • Added “Stereo Pan” HRIR to implement conventional stereo panning.
  • Added “Stereo Passthru” HRIR to implement correct binaural to loudspeaker conversion.


  • Head-related impulse response (HRIR) primarily based binaural synthesis
  • Early room reflection modeling
  • Late diffuse reverberation
  • Doppler pitch impact
  • Distance modeling
  • Place sequencer for automating trajectories and creating musical panning results (auto-pan)
  • Crosstalk canceling primarily based on actual head fashions for loudspeaker playback
  • Assist for SOFA format HRIRs
  • Assist for consumer provided HRIRs
  • Standard stereo panning mode
  • Binaural to loudspeaker conversion

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