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Zynaptiq MORPH 2 [WiN]

Zynaptiq MORPH 2 [WiN] Download

  • Writer: Zynaptiq
  • Product: MORPH 2
  • Model: 2.5.0-R2R

MORPH 2 is a real-time plug-in for structural audio morphing, the sonic equal of 1 object slowly altering its form to turn into a special object – for instance, one face changing into one other. Tremendous-charged with a collection of 5 completely different morphing algorithms, a stunningly clear formant shifter in addition to a lush reverb that appears to increase sounds very like some extremely revered classic {hardware} bins, MORPH 2 opens up an entire new universe of sounds to discover. Create seamless morphing transitions, new hybrid sounds that mix elements of present ones, bodily inconceivable devices, the furthest-out creature and robotic voices, talkbox-esque results and different outrageously distinctive new sounds. Whether or not you’re a sound designer for movie or video games in search of that signature sound, or a music producer or remix artist eager to create new content material from present recordings…look no additional, MORPH is for you!

MORPH takes two enter alerts, A and B, and creates a brand new sound or transition that has traits of each – like a circle regularly turning right into a sq.. Singing guitars, canine that talk, or cymbals made out of mains hum – the alternatives are infinite. MORPH computes two separate morphing transitions from A and B concurrently, one beginning out at A and shaping it to turn into B, the opposite beginning out at B and shaping it to turn into A. The 2 sound utterly completely different. Moreover, you possibly can crossfade between the 2 for much more sonic choices. All that is achieved utilizing a single two-dimensional “X/Y” management, and utterly in real-time – insert plugin, arrange routing, go!

A Entire New Universe Of Sounds. A Multi-Verse, Really.
MORPH 2.0 options not one however three completely different morphing algorithms, two of which have extra low-latency variations with their very own distinct sonic character, for a complete of 5 completely different flavors of sound hybridization goodness (contemplating that A-to-B and B-to-A sound completely different, it’s successfully even 10 flavors…). Add to that the brand-new Amplitude Sensitivity, Complexity and Formant Shift parameters and also you’ll by no means run out of distinctive new sounds.

FORMANTS, Not Simply Formants.
Talking of the MORPH 2 formant shifter…it’s – fairly merely – stunningly good. Whether or not you apply it to voice, drums, devices or SFX captured within the area – it all the time sounds pure and targeted, preserving all of your sound’s element, with out introducing any of the granular or “spectral blurring” artifacts related to conventional approaches to formant shifting. In case you’re studying this, most probably you’re a discerning audio connoisseur, and thus most probably you’ll fall in love with the MORPH 2 formant shifter the primary time you hear it!

Inconceivable Arithmetic, Simpler Than Pie
Due to its pretty-much-one-control strategy, utilizing MORPH is a breeze. That stated, it does some very heavy mathematical lifting below the hood. Whereas the time period “audio morphing” is extensively used, what it sometimes describes is an easy interpolation of parameter values or spectral knowledge. MORPH takes a wholly completely different strategy, which is each mathematically much more complicated and on the identical time provides completely distinctive outcomes. As an analogy, it creates wire-frame fashions for the 2 inputs in real-time, after which shapes one mannequin to turn into the opposite – reworking one sound into the opposite structurally. Speak about sound transformation energy at your fingertips…

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