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Ask Video – Uno Synth Pro 101 – Uno Synth Pro Video Manual

Ask Video – Uno Synth Pro 101 – Uno Synth Pro Video Manual Download

UNO Synth Pro is a novel analog paraphonic from IK Multimedia. Grasp each characteristic of this cool and distinctive instrument on this 22-tutorial course, by coach and sound designer Rishabh Rajan!
With its dual-filter, 3-oscillator paraphonic design, UNO Synth Pro is a strong analog instrument for musicians, synthesists, and music producers. Regardless of its small and moveable dimension, this synth supplies HUGE analog sound… All that with out breaking the financial institution. In case you already personal the UNO Synth Pro, or if you happen to’re thinking about getting one, this course by Rishabh Rajan is a should view.
Rishabh begins the course with an summary of the {hardware}, exploring all its numerous controls and features. After explaining how one can work with the manufacturing facility presets and how one can save your personal, you dive deep into synthesis. That is the place you uncover the sound design potentialities of UNO Synth Pro. Beginning with the Oscillator part, Rishabh appears to be like on the coronary heart and soul of the instrument, and divulges how one can get wild sounds with laborious sync and ring modulation. He continues by trying on the highly effective choices supplied by the dual-filter part, the envelopes, LFOs, and the modulation matrix. He reveals what precisely is a paraphonic sytnthesizer and he explores the voice modes. Persevering with with the course, you additionally be taught all the pieces in regards to the digital results, the arp, the sequencer, track mode and much more…
It’s time to be taught UNO Synth inside Out! Uncover the infinite sonic potentialities of UNO Synth Pro with this course by skilled coach Rishabh Rajan!

Content material
Part 1: Introduction
1. Introduction (1:05)
Section 2: Overview
2. {Hardware} Overview (3:13)
3. Working With Presets (3:55)
Part 3: Oscillators
4. Oscillator Part (5:11)
5. Oscillator Laborious Sync (4:20)
6. Ring Modulation (2:55)
7. Mixer Part and Noise Generator (2:05)
Part 4: Filters
8. Filter Part (6:45)
9. Linking and Spacing (3:56)
10. Key Monitoring (3:34)
Part 5: Modulation
11. Filter Envelope (4:38)
12. Amp Envelope (3:27)
13. Modulation Matrix (4:04)
14. LFO Part (6:36)
Part 6: Voice Modes
15. Voice Modes (4:48)
Part 7: Results
16. Drive (4:04)
17. Modulation (4:08)
18. Delay (3:19)
19. Reverb (3:29)
Part 8: Efficiency
20. Arpeggiator (3:56)
21. Sequencer (6:05)
22. Music Mode (4:52)

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