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baKno Audio Transparent Compressor [WiN]

baKno Audio Transparent Compressor [WiN] Download

  • Writer: baKno Audio
  • Product: Transparent Compressor
  • Model: 2.0.0-MOCHA
  • Format: VST3/AAX

This plugin takes a contemporary strategy to dynamic vary compression, specializing in the compression itself moderately than timing. The result’s a compressor that’s user-friendly and simple to grasp. It presents three completely different mathematical strategies for compressing the audio sign – Linear, Quadratic and Bezier – every with the choice to develop the softest components of the sign. For individuals who discover it tough to understand compression simply by ear, the plugin additionally consists of animated graphics to assist visualize the compression course of.

Transparent Compressor Circulation
Though drawing this graphic in the primary plugin window will be difficult, it supplies perception into how every curve impacts the operation of the Transparent Compressor and, most significantly, the ultimate consequence.

How one can use Transparent Compressor
Often you might want to management the dynamic vary of an audio observe when the loud components sound too loud or the gentle components sound too gentle. By compressing the loudest components and increasing the softest components, the entire observe ought to sound extra constant. The standard compressor applies a linear conversion of values in dBs, providing the chance to alter the slope of this line and generally the choice to melt the change in slope or knee for a soft-knee. Transparent Compressor not solely presents the linear conversion as nicely, but additionally two additional strategies that make sure the softest transition as potential whereas together with an choice to have gentle stage growth – Downlift – on the identical curve.
The strategy will be switched afterward to check and resolve on the one which sounds higher with the remainder of the track. Correct configuration of the Ceiling, Threshold, and Downlift values is essential.

Ceiling is the very best potential worth – 0 dB on the incoming audio sign – and acts because the higher worth of your compressed sign. The Threshold is the decrease restrict of the compressed sign, and audio ranges between Threshold and 0DB shall be compressed to values between Threshold and Ceiling. Downlift is an non-obligatory growth of soppy components, however bear in mind that it additionally expands the noise flooring.

To visualise it, there are two traces connecting the incoming and outgoing sign graphs. Please use the offered graphical interface to switch the values as a substitute of the native one as there’s an apparent constraint, Threshold can’t be greater than Ceiling.

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