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Slaps and Stacks: Organic Percussion [WAV]

Slaps and Stacks: Organic Percussion [WAV] Download

  • Writer: Splice Originals
  • Product: Slaps and Stacks: Organic Percussion
  • Format: WAV

Grammy Award-winning percussionist Nate Werth packs a punch in his third Splice Originals launch overflowing along with his signature heart-pounding polyrhythms and teeth-chattering grooves. Harnessing his open-minded curiosity and craftsman-like method to instrumentation, he explores quite a lot of uncommon and distinctive percussion devices from all over the world on this pack.

Having performed with the likes of Snarky Pet, Q-Tip, and David Crosby, Nate demonstrates simply how versatile his sounds might be. We processed, chopped, and screwed his performances to give you a plethora of loops and one-shots.

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